NOTE: The website of John Kleinbauer is no longer functional.

The website of a distrbutor of support parts,, is also non-functional

My introduction into the hobby of desktop CNC was buildking a Kleinbauer Brute.
I looked over several sets of plans and ideas before making a choice. My main interest is in making prototypes of circuit boards. As I have gotten older, point-to-point wiring on perf board just takes too long and is often prone to mistakes. I actually bought two sets of plans and have only built the Brute thus far.

I thought the project could be assembled in time to use with my senior project as an off-campus student of South Carolina State University (attending classes at The University Center of Greenville, South Carolina). Boy was I was dreaming! At the time this page was created (Jan 2009) I had over 30 years of field repair experience in the medical imaging business. Building Desktop CNC system marries together all the sub-disciplines I have used in my career and education.

My deviations from the original plans are:

Positives for building the Brute

Negatives of the design

Can anyone do this? Sure, with assistance. There are many, many things to consider when building a system. You are trying to build a working computer controlled system to move a tool in precise increments and motions to change a piece of raw stock into something useful of more value than the raw material.

Here are links to other CNC sites I have found useful:

Doug Starwalt
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